"Ascot Real Estate have been using Charm City for over 10 years! We have always been impressed at the service & high quality of work provided…"

Kate Young
Property Manager, Ascot Real Estate

"My husband and I have used Charm City Carpet Care and Pest Control at both our home and our business for years. I would and DO recommend them to anyone!!"

Karen Christiansen
Optical Superstore Bundaberg

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Bundaberg Termite Management

Charm City Carpet Care & Pest Control has been offering Bundaberg & surrounding areas a superior service in carpet & floor tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and general pest control for over 20 years. We are now licensed to inspect and treat you home for termites!

With annual inspections, Charm City Carpet Care & Pest Control can give you peace of mind. We can also advise you on how to avoid Termites from attacking your home.

The most important part of any successful termite treatment is the termite inspection. Do not accept any quote without a termite inspection report being issued.
Each home is different, and every termite infestation is different therefore each home needs to be fully inspected before we know what we are dealing with and what treatment is required.

Charm City Carpet Care & Pest Control use the ‘Termatrac’ device on all inspections. Termatrac is a hand held device that can detect movement, moisture and temperature within the wall of your home allowing us to give you the most accurate inspection report.
Below are photos of Termite Damage.
Termite BundabergTermites Bundaberg 
Charm City Carpet Care & Pest Control, are accredited to use the following professional products;
  • Termidor - A non-repellent chemical termite treatment that is added to the soil surrounding existing structures – www.termidor.com.au
  • Altis - The ultimate anti-termite reticulation system for perimeter & underslab applications – www.altis.net.au
  • Exterra - High quailty and environmentally friendly interception & baiting system www.exterra.com.au
  • Homeguard - A Pre Construction sustem which stops Kills and Repels Termites once and for all. www.homegaurdptm.com.au
  • Termx Replenishment System - A specially designed pipe system used to apply termiticide chemical under pressure to saturate the soil medium surrounding a structure. www.termx.com.au

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